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Branding and Product Photography:

Documenting your passion is a passion of mine.

From heirloom recipes to booming businesses, your journey deserves to be seen.

Let's collaborate to craft captivating visuals that tell your unique story.

  • First, we'll delve into your "why." What fuels your fire? What emotions do you want to evoke?
  • Whether it's mouthwatering dishes, confidence-boosting designs, or simply the joy of creation, we'll showcase your passion.
  • Forget generic photos - your story is unique, and your visuals will be too.

Together, we'll create scroll-stopping imagery that speaks volumes.

Are you ready to share your passion with the world?


Craft Your Brand Story, Capture Your Vision: Pricing Options

Showcase your brand with captivating visuals tailored to your unique needs.

I offer sessions at my home studio, studios in Sac, or your chosen location, with remote collaboration possibilities.

Each session includes:

  • In-depth pre-session consultation: We'll discuss your brand story, target audience, and desired visual language. You'll also receive a personalized brand presentation.
  • Curated mood board: We'll collaborate on a Pinterest board that captures your brand's aesthetic and inspires the photoshoot.
  • Expert guidance: I'll help you source props, models, and stylists to bring your vision to life.
  • Brand-specific elements: Enjoy color-coordinated props and backdrops that seamlessly integrate with your brand identity.
  • Hero Shots: Capture stunning, high-resolution images that perfectly represent your brand and products.
  • Add-on options: Expand your content with professional styling, clean white background e-commerce shots, and engaging stop-motion video (additional costs apply).


  • Starter Option: Ideal for small businesses or product launches. Includes 1-hour session, 5 retouched Hero Shots, and your collection of unedited proofs. Starting at 900.

  • Social Refresh: Designed for established brands seeking more variety in their social media game.
    Includes 1 session a month, lightly polished collection. Starting at 500 a session
    Subscribe and Save: book a 3, 6, and 12 mo subscription for only 400 each month

  • Bespoke Package: Fully customized experience for your unique needs. Includes in-depth consultation, extended session time, and tailored deliverables. Contact for quote

Brand and Product photography for Kleer Skincare

Let's tailor your visual story, together. ✨

Every brand has unique needs, and I'm here to collaborate, not only take photos.

Tell me your vision, and we'll craft a photography session that perfectly captures your brand– without limitations.

From inspiration to location, style to scope, we'll work together to create impactful visuals that fit your goals.

Ready to unlock the power of storytelling through images?

21 years of honing my craft, telling countless stories through light and lens.
This passion for visual storytelling shines in every session, from capturing the confidence in a business headshot to the vibrant spirit of brands.

I'm more than just a photographer, I'm your visual partner.
With a wealth of experience in diverse photography domains, I bring a refined skillset and insightful perspective to every project.

But it's your story that truly inspires me.
Whether it's your brand's unique philosophy, your artistic vision, or the emotions behind your products, I help you share it with the world in a way that connects and compels.

Let's collaborate to create images that are not only beautiful, but speak volumes.
Images that capture who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

Ready to tell your story visually?

What types of commercial photography do you offer?

  • Interior Design Photography
  • Culinary Photography
  • Food and Drink Photography
  • Cocktail and Mocktail Photography
  • Cookbook Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Brand Photography and Small Business Photography
  • Professional Content Creator for Social Media

What types of lighting do you use to capture images?

Let's Light Up Your Brand! ✨

Natural, dramatic, or somewhere in between?
We'll collaborate to find the perfect lighting for your brand story.

Forget technical jargon. I'm all about understanding your vision and goals.
Together, we'll craft visuals that showcase your brand's unique personality, whether it's clean and minimal or bold and dramatic.

Years of experience and a passion for storytelling are at your service.
I'm committed to helping you shine – literally!

Ready to illuminate your brand?

What is your process when it comes to photographing my project?

Let's Dive In!

Coffee chats, video calls, or even your office space – I'm flexible!

Our first step? A chat to understand your vision and goals.
We can connect online, over video call, or even in-person (Sacramento locals, I'm looking at you!). ☕️

Where you're located doesn't matter: I've helped clients across California and New England, and I'm always up for an adventure!

Ready to get started?
I'm a passionate listener, dedicated to crafting images that tell your story.

Let's collaborate and create something amazing!

Do you do the retouching yourself or do you send them out to a professional retoucher?

Expert polish for your final images:

Every photo gets the pro touch. My team of skilled retouchers meticulously enhance your images, ensuring they shine bright. ✨

No need to worry about editing woes. Just relax and let us elevate your photos to professional perfection.

Handmade Baklava Pie Sacramento CA

What are the usage rights for my photos?

Let's tailor the perfect license for your project!

Usage fees and licenses depend on your project's specific needs. We'll discuss website use, marketing materials, social media, and more, to ensure you have the rights you need.

Most sessions include basic usage for common marketing and social media uses. We'll clarify everything in your photo contract before you commit.

Let's capture your brand story – the right way!

Before we dive in, I'll ask some key questions to understand your vision and goals. Don't worry, not all apply to every project, but they'll help us create compelling visuals that represent your brand perfectly.

Remember, brand photography is an investment.

By planning and collaborating beforehand, we ensure you get the most value from your photo session. This isn't a quick snapshot job – it's about crafting impactful visuals that tell your unique story.

Here's what we'll explore:

  • Brand Vibe: What emotions do you want your images to evoke? Are there any industry clichés you want to avoid?
  • Target Audience: Who are you trying to attract? Let's showcase what they love about your brand.
  • Inspiration: Share reference images! What elements resonate with you?
  • Must-Haves: Are there specific details you need captured?
  • Planning: Before the shoot, we'll create a solid blueprint to capture your story perfectly.

Remember: It's not just about photos, it's about capturing your unique brand feeling.

Photo Session Planning: Let's Get Ready!


  • Consider makeup/hair professionals: Do you need them? Plan buffer time.
  • Estimate image complexity: Each photo can take minutes or hours.
  • Padding is better than rushing! Discuss realistic time needs for your desired images.


  • How many people will be present from your side (assistants, stylists, etc.)?
  • Knowing this helps determine studio space and assistant needs.


  • Share your "soft" (ideal) and "hard" (must-have) deadlines for image delivery.
  • This ensures enough time for editing and retouching within your timeframe.

Ready to chat?

Contact the studio at 916-282-9184 or email us! Excited to bring your story to life!