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Hera Fine Jewelry

The founder of Hera needed new visuals for her line of fine engagement ring jewelry.

Lauren wanted photos that would showcase her creative and fun pieces, while also showcasing their fresh approach to ring shopping. Her own engagement ring shopping experience left her wanting more: more transparency, more education, and more inclusivity.
And since she wasn't able to find that for herself, she decided to create it for others.

The studio helped Lauren, who was based in Brooklyn NY at the time, plan everything for her day-long photoshoot: we scheduled the locations, booked the models, and created the timeline + shoot plan for the day.
We even provided transportation and made sure she had some pretty freakin' stellar local California tacos too. Because tacos.

Once the full-day photo shoot was complete, the studio worked hard to make sure her favorite images were processed and retouched to her liking and then delivered digitally so she could begin to build out her custom website and bring this new way of ring shopping to many.

Congrats Lauren! Loved creating with you!

You can view some of the studio's favorite images from the session below:

Model Portfolios for Sacramento Professional Models