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Why are stories so important?

Because, stories are the thread that bind us.

We share our stories with others in the hopes to find common ground, to find connection, to find meaning.
We share our stories because we want to feel seen.

Stories have the power to make us immortal.
Your story allows you to live on.

Stories can be about a lot of things,
And when that story is about you,

It is everything.

This is me in front of Mike's Camera in Sacramento. It's a wall of film. Because I heart film. My go-to film, back in the day: Ilford 3200 and Tri-X.
About Stacey

When I was younger, I was extraordinarily shy.
Like, I couldn't make eye-contact kind of shy.

My dad had dabbled in photography and had all these Time Life photography books that I loved to pour over.
I dusted off his old Minolta T-101, grabbed a few rolls of film from the drugstore, and started playing.

It was sort of magical: by placing a roll of film inside this mechanical device, I could take aim at the world around me and 'abracadabra!', I was able to create these tangible permanent reminders of life's fleeting moments.

The camera became my shield.

Where, once, my shyness had held me back, now my camera allowed me to safely enter into the world that I had so desperately wanted to be a part of and explore without hesitation.
The camera helped me feel safe, made me feel bolder, allowed me to experience and interact with ease,

and slowly my shyness faded.

Like MAGIC (kind of)

(And, bonus, taking photos was fun! Still is!)

While I'm not that shy little girl any longer (tho I prefer a relaxed gathering with close friends and family over a crowded event anyday)
at larger social gatherings, I'll be the one exploring and enjoying, behind the safety of my trusty shield.

I believe:

chocolate and cheese can cure almost any ail
in the importance of friendship and family
that traveling is essential to getting to know yourself (and others) better
that adding a splash of juice to sparkling water makes me feel fancy,
in books, the paper kind, & dog earring pages & writing notes in the margins,
that thrifting & dumpster-diving should be eligible for Olympic medals
(I’d be sporting lots of gold)
that art, music & exercising your imagination are just as important as exercising your body,

that everyone has a story, and I am here to help you share it with the world