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When I lived in Rhode Island, I used to create images for a local magazine.
The job took me all around the state meeting lots of interesting humans and visiting some really fun & unique places.
From fancy ocean front private properties, to James Beard chef run restaurants, to oh so many things in between.

Some stories took me to places and spaces that I wouldn't normally have had access to in my regular day-to day life.

Back in 2015, the idea of a growhouse was still thought of as this illegal bad thing (insert extra long eye-roll here).
A number of folks in RI were advocating for, not only medical marijuana but also recreational.

I was brought on to tell the visual story of a local grownhouse and their operations and set-up.

The person you see is the grower, not a seller, not a customer. They were (and probably still are, wherever they reside now) legally allowed to be growing.

The story never made it to the magazine because, like a lot of things in RI, old school laws and minds prevented the story from being published.

I've always wanted to share the images, because I thought they were cool. And it was a really fun project to photograph.

That and I love weed. I credit that amazing plant with helping me remove another (awful) drug from my life, alcohol.

I will say that I am so so very happy to be living in a state (California!) that more than allows growing and selling of this gorgeous and super helpful medicinal plant.
Whether you use it for recreation, sleep, anxiety, pain - or all of the above plus some, this plant is magical.
Smells amazing too!

This was also the first time I had ever seen an indoor garden/farm. I was mesmerized, and still am, by this process!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these images.
I'd love to photograph these plants again, this time using a macro lens and getting really up close and personal.
If you grow or have a growhouse (indoor or outdoor) get in touch! I'd love to capture a day in the life of your farm/cultivation!

Photos of Cannabis Grower for editorial
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