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Kleer Brand Skincare

The founders of Kleer reached out to me because they were ready to launch their new clean skincare line. They needed to create lifestyle images with an inclusive set of models, as well as eye-catching product shots and founder images.

We worked together to create these images at their home-base in the Sacramento CA area.

Kriston and Sam worked hard on creating a safe and clean skincare line.
Here's a bit more about their story, in their own words:

"We wanted safer skincare for all. So we went out and made it.

When our co-founders, Kriston and Samuel, were preggers with their first born, they had a hard time tracking down a skincare solution that was gentle enough for Kriston’s sensitive skin and safe enough that it wouldn’t put the baby at risk.

That’s when they decided to do something about it. They teamed up with a gifted chemist, got to work, and just like that, Kleer Brand was born."

Take a look at some of the images from their collection below!