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Plum Patrol Bakery

Plum Patrol Bakery

The owner and baker at Plum Patrol Bakery is one of the sweetest (pun intended) and most talented humans I have ever met!
Andrea makes some of the most drool worthy, delicious treats around.

I'm not going to say I ate a few of her offerings, because that would be a lie.
I devoured them.

Like nom nom nom fast!

She makes some of the tastiest cookies, cakes and pastries, while focusing on sourcing "local, seasonal ingredients and working with vendors who are committed to sustainability and ethical business practices".

Tasty and good for the Earth & small businesses?! Hells to the YEA!

And the origin story behind her business name is simply the bestest:

"Plum Patrol Bakery gets its name from the plum tree in Andrea’s childhood backyard. Andrea’s father coined the term ‘Plum Patrol’ as a way to motivate Andrea and her brother to race into the backyard on weekends to pick up the fallen plums. Andrea chose the name to represent her bakery because it is tied to her deep California roots, and to her commitment to using the bountiful local ingredients that the state offers."

Below are some images the studio created to showcase Andrea's yummy offerings as well as portraits of herself to show the world who the culinary genius is behind those tasty treats!

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