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Why get a professional headshot? My phone takes a decent photo, why not use a selife?

I am all for a DIY situation. And, sometimes, you may not be able to access something like a professional photographer, I get that. If you have to use a selfie, please do.
Just watch your lighting and your background! And always take the photo from above (but not too far above)

However, if you're hoping to project a level of professionalism and a polished look to your potential audience and customers, a selfie just won't cut it. It screams unprofessional.

A great headshot is a ticket to being seen, to being noticed, to being recognized.
A great headshot should show you, as you truly are, only turned up a notch.

Most professional photographers spend years honing their techniques from professional strobe lighting to studio set-ups and how to properly pose and guide you during your shoot to get the most relaxed and eye-catching images of you.

And while I am a huge believer that the camera does not make the image, the maker does;
when it's time to invest in a professional look, please, invest in a good photographer!

They should know how to properly light and pose for your face shape, your skin tone, and your body type.
The images should reflect who you are, and what feeling you'd like to project out into the world.

If you're a business professional, the images should be neat, clean and get to the heart of who you are. The image should show your confidence and your approachability.
Whether you capture that image in front of a solid white backdrop, or in your own office building, the end result should be an image you are proud and excited to share with the world.

Same goes for those in the acting profession. Actors and actresses know how very important a successful headshot is for them. When casting directors are going through the mounds of headshots they receive, trying to fill specific roles, if you're headshot is not-well lit, and doesn't grab their attention, they're going to swipe right past you.

And making sure that you give the appropriate headshot for the specific role being cast is super important. No matter how awesome and well loved that headshot of you is in that soft light and pretty backdrop, that may be overlooked when the casting director is looking to cast a gritty harsh role.

Making sure you have a plethora of looks in your headshot arsenal is key to being seen and chosen to audition for certain roles.

Headshots are an important visual calling card, and they are not a one size fits all photo session.
I've worked with numerous people, multiple times, over the years to create a variety of headshots for them. An actor headshot is a completely different headshot from a business headshot or a personal branding photo session.

I've been creating headshots professionally for the past 15+ years. I would love to talk more with you about your needs and how we can create the best imagery for you.

Feel free to contact the studio anytime, so looking forward to working together!

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