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Cap City Squeeze

Eating healthy is key to keeping our bodies moving and groovin' for many many happy, joy-filled years.

But eating healthy has this odd stigma that the options are icky or boring.
No way!

Healthy eating tastes good, especially if you grab healthy eats made with fresh raw ingredients and made with ultra huge heaping spoonfuls of love.

Nubia, the owner of Cap City Squeeze, "set out to meet an unmet demand in the food market and change the way people think about snacks. We understand that not everyone has enough time to feed in an energetic and beneficial way.

It is our mission to deliver tasty, natural, and nutritious snacks for people on the go.
We offer açaí bowls, smoothies, juices, wholesome oatmeal, and parfaits.

We strive in offering only the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious ingredients and produce available.
You can find us at our Downtown Sacramento location or popping up at events in our retro Cap City Camper."

And I suggest you do just that ;)
Lemme tell ya, her treats are phenomenal! And now I'm craving an açaí bowl ;)

Below are images the studio created to show off some of Cap City Squeeze's delicious treats, as well as the owner, Nubia in her element - at the local Midtown Farmer's Market shopping for fresh ingredients for all her tasty offerings!

And isn't her retro Camper the cutest!?

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