Stacey Doyle Photography

Sacramento and Northern California Wedding Photography

Wedding photography, what can I say?
It was my very first love, when it came to my photography business. Weddings introduced me to the professional world of photography.

I've photographed well over 100 weddings and elopements over the years.
Sprinkle in a huge number of engagement sessions and surprise proposals & I have been witness to a whole lot of love!

The one thing I hear from a lot of my couples, is "You GOT us!"
And I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel.

That's my goal, to really get YOU on film. I want people to look at your wedding images, even complete strangers, and have them feel like they know you.

I've had a lot of people say they've gotten lost in the images I have created, spending time looking a the wedding photos and family portraits. Some even admitting to crying over some of the images.
That's another big goal of mine, when documenting your wedding day: I want you to look back on your wedding day photos and feel those moments.
I want you to laugh and cry and whoop over the memory of your day!

And no matter if it's a 200+ person affair or an elopement with you and 2 of your favorite humans (I've even been the witness to a number of elopements, so I'm there for ya if you need me!):
Weddings go by fast. Super fast.
You will blink and the day will almost be done. I'm not kidding. It may not feel that way right now, because the planning is a bit overwhelming;
It is isn't it? Take a breath. Okay. Now take another one, a deep one. You need it.
It is stressful!

But the day or evening of your wedding, things will go by, in a blur. They say time flies when you're having fun, and it's true. Every couple I have ever gone up to to say my goodbyes at the end of the event have always look at me like,
"Whoa, how it is already over!?!"

And I'm not saying wedding photos are going to transport you back in time, but maybe I am.
A little bit anyway.
Great wedding photos will bring you back, time and again, to the sights and sounds and the feels. ALL the feels!

In the end, you want images that you can look back on and remember all the good feels from your day. That's important. Well, not as important as you being in love and celebrating your love story. But, it's kind of up there on the importance scale.

In the end, I want you to love your wedding photos.

And as much as your wedding day is being planned to showcase the YOU in your love story, I want your wedding photos to do the same.
Show the world who you are and who you love and how much you love!

Because love rules!