Stacey Doyle Photography

Family Portraits in Sacramento and Northern California

I love capturing families together!

My main focus is to create relaxed portraits as well as fun candid moments of you all being together.

And when I say families, I am not only talking about 2 adults and 2.5 children.

If it's you and your furbabies, that's a family to me.
If it's you and your signif or friends, that's a family (or framily) to me.
If it's you and your plants, that's (absolutely!) a family to me.

A family is whatever you define it as, and my goal is to capture the authentic story of your family.

No matter who is involved, I typically aim to capture some posed images right off the bat. Depending on who is involved in the imagery, some of the younger humans and fur-babies might loose a bit of interest in sitting still for too long.

So that's why I get those done right away. We can always circle back and take more, especially if we come upon a really cool backdrop or you're planning to do an outfit change.

Mostly, I am going to capture you being together. Laughing, walking, relaxed. Happy.

And to the parents of wee humans that feel the images should only be focused on your children? I am going to ask that you are involved in the images
When your wee babes grow up, they're going to want to have images of you together.
That's really important. Not only for them, but for you too.

You don't have to be in every image, we can absolutely make the main focus your littles.
But, it's very important to be part of the photo session.
No, you don't look bad. No, seriously, you look good.
Trust me, your kid is going to look back on those images and not see messy hair or un-made face, or tired eyes. They're going to see a parent that they love. They're going to see the face of someone that means the whole world to them.

Give your kids that gift and be in the photos with them.

Okay, off my soap box (for now) ;)

Let's chat more about creating some amazing memories for you and your family.
We can work in your own home, your backyard, your favorite local park, or I can follow you all as you pick apples or spend the day at the beach!

Whatever fun activities you have planned with your loved one is a perfect opportunity to have me present to document the festivities!

A Day In The Life is also a wonderful way to document the real and raw of your day to day of living and being together. We'll be able to capture all those fun, quirky and sometimes, annoying moments. Those moments, that as time flies by, will become more and more fleeting.
Capture that time now. It's so important.

Feel free to contact the studio by phone 916-282-9184 or email