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Engagements, Elopements and Surprise Proposal Photography Sacramento CA

Not all weddings need to be large affairs, with years of planning and loads of details.
Maybe that's not who you are, maybe, as a couple, you'd prefer a quieter, more intimate event.
I've photographed many an elopement since starting my business in 2002.
Most couples were looking for a day that represented them, that didn't involve a lot of logistics, or catering to a large guest list.

Some elopements involved the couple and 2 family members or friends. The justice or person presiding over the ceremony, and me.
I've even been a witness to some of these elopements, when the couples wanted only themselves present. Yup, just me and the couple.

And, there is something so sacred and special about such an intimate affair. It really speaks to who you are as individuals and as a couple, to decide to take this leap together.
Just the two of you.

Am I saying the larger affairs are ridiculous? Nah.
What I am saying is, if it isn't who you are, do not do it.
Seriously, you only live once. But I'm guessing you already dance to the beat of that cord, yea?

Tell your love story, YOUR way.
And I'll be there, quietly capturing all the beautiful found, loving moments that surround you.

Engagement Sessions

You got engaged! Congratualtions!

And now the planning begins :) And no matter the type of affair you're planning, big or small, as long as it's perfectly the size for you, that's cool.

Engagement sessions are fun for a number of reasons. One, you get to dress up however you wish and show off how in love you both are with each other. You get to pick any place in the world you'd like as your backdrop, and have fun in front of the camera.

I like to tell couples, it's sort of like you're on a date and you have paparazzi following along!

I encourage couples to choose a location that has meaning to them: maybe it's where you said "Yes!" to the proposal; maybe it's a place you love to go and reconnect with each other, like a favorite park or coffee shop. Maybe you've always wanted to have the mountains of Yosemite Valley behind you or the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge as your engagement photo backdrop.

Maybe the city is more your speed, and walking down the streets of Brookyln NY is more you.

Whatever type of session you envision, I can help you make it a reality.
Let's chat more details about what you're looking for from your engagement photography experience.

No matter what, the goal here is to get images that speak to you and shout out loud
"These two are so in LOVE!"

Feel free to call the studio or text at 916-282-9184 or email

Surprise Proposals

I really love photographing surprise proposals.
Mostly because I really love surprises.
I know some people don't, but I'm a fan of both surprising and being surprised (I mean, so long as the surprise is a good one, let's make that clear!)

I love being involved in the covert operation to help get one half of a couple to a location, where they think it's just another date or outing. And then *BAM*
Down on one knee, "Marry ME!"

I love all the reactions I capture: it's usually a mix of surprise, happy tears, shock and a few "I knew you were up to something!"s.

Whatever your plans are, I can help. I've helped coordinate numerous surprise proposals.
I've got many tricks up my sleeve and plenty of tips on how to set things up so that I am present, but not really noticed by your significant.

I love capturing surprises like these, and I'm ready to capture yours!
Also, I always have packages of kleenex on me, because I've learned!

Please feel free to touch base with the studio anytime to talk more details
Call or text 916-282-9184 or email stacey@