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Wedding Photography by Stacey Doyle

I capture love stories for the authentically bold, for the lovers of life,

who unapologetically embrace their true selves, and each other, not just on their wedding day.

But every damn day.

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions


All-inclusive options for 6 or more hours begin at 5200.

All inclusive options include your collection of hi-resolution retouched files, engagement or rehearsal dinner coverage, and a base wedding album.

Elopement and intimate wedding options are available, as are off-season & weekday options (M-Th).

The hourly rate for weddings needing less than 6 hours of coverage is 1000. an hour.

This includes your collection of proof quality hi-resolution files.

Please feel free to contact the studio for more info.
So looking forward to hearing the details of your wedding day plans!

916-282-9184 or email

For more information about what is included in each options, how I approach weddings, and more, read through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

Since 2002 I have documented over 100+ weddings and elopements, for some truly amazing couples.
I took this images over 15 years ago, on film! I absolutely miss my film and my darkroom, it was such a tactile experience.Digital is cool, but I'll always be an analog girl at heart.

How did you first get into wedding photography?

Honestly, wedding photography wasn’t the thing that drew me to photography in the first place.

I started my photo journey in a school located in Providence, called RISP. While the school no longer exists, the friendships and information I gained have stayed with me over the years.

After school, I went to work at a professional photo lab, learning the ins and outs of how to properly develop film (yes, film!) and create prints for professionals and the art world.

My desire, at the time, was to become a world renowned war journalist.

During my time at the school and soon after, I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of news worthy events, one being a motorcycle crash.
While my image was published in the major local paper, my heart didn’t do well knowing I made money on something that was so devastating and so full of sadness.

I knew in my heart I had to switch gears but wasn’t quite sure which way to go.
The more I immersed myself into the world of photography, the more I realized it was the story I was most drawn to, and that everyone has a story to tell.

I helped someone photograph a wedding early on, when I was still unsure of my photographic path. The couple didn’t want anything to do with posed photos or choreographed moments, They wanted us, their photographers, to capture what was actually happening. And we did. And my new love affair was born.

That and love stories just make me happy!

Spending my weekends documenting people in love became of huge deciding factor in how I approached and began my photography business.

To this day, I still enjoy documenting people in love. I may focus a bit more on elopements and smaller affairs, over the larger gala events, but the foundation is still there: capture your love story as it naturally unfolds focusing on the important, the true, the authentic found moments that happen through out your day.

No matter the size, my focus will always be the same: making sure I capture your story with an authentically creative eye and open heart.

What is your favorite part about photographing weddings?

It’s the feels. Really, it is capturing the feelings through out the day. So much love, joy and happiness rolled into one day. Weddings are a treasure trove of found loving moments. I am so grateful and honored when I am asked to capture a couples day. To be present and a witness to such love and such joy really fills my heart.

I love seeing how in love and how much my couples truly dig each other.

It may sound hokey, but I really do fall a bit in love with each of my couples and their loved ones. I can’t help it. You’re so involved, you’re so present. If one of them starts to tear up and cry during the vows, without a doubt I am crying too. During the speeches or parent dances, if the tears start flowing, my cheeks are wet.

I’d blame someone cutting onions, but I know its me wearing my heart on my sleeve, as I’ve done since I was a child.

I love love. All love. Because, love is love is love!

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

Documentary with a splash of creative.

Look, weddings are a bit weird, right? For some, having all those eyes on you while you say “I do!” feels, well, strange.

(And that’s why I totally get and encourage doing it your way, even if that means it’s just the two of you!).

All the wedding sites and Insta feeds say to make sure you do 'this' and 'that' and 'don’t forget that other thing'!
And more than half of what they’re saying you should do is cram more things into your day.

Focusing on things hasn’t ever been my style and I doubt it’s your style either.

Is it important to capture the details of your day? Of course.

Knowing you’re probably very much like my previous couples, every detail you bring into your wedding day has meaning to you.

Maybe you spent time on your vacations together finding the perfect mismatched set of vintage china pieces for your table settings.

Maybe that cake topper is the same one passed from generation to generation. It once topped your great grandparent’s cake, and now, it’s there for your day.

Maybe you really freakin’ love sequins and everyone knows you love sequins, and yea, you are absolutely going to have your tables covered in sequin table cloths. Do it!

Because those things represent who you are. And what you love. They’re not just things, they are extensions of yourselves.

And what you hold dear

You are interested in infusing your day with YOU, not what other’s say you should do.

Your wedding day is not going be full of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’.
Because your life isn’t full of’ shoulds’ and ‘have tos’, right?

Why should the day you celebrate your love be any different than the way you celebrate living your life.

What I know is, if you have chosen an item to be present at your wedding, there's a reason why.

And we both know it’s not to be Pinterest Perfect or to make sure you get published on some major wedding Insta feed.

Hey, if that happens, cool. But that is so not your main thing. And I get that.

What is important to you both, is you are planning this day to represent who you are, as individuals, as well as who you are together.

And whether you’ve decided to have 200 of your closest people there to celebrate along side you, or it’ll be just the two of you with your cat and dog as witnesses, that’s all good.

Whatever way you decide to celebrate your love is what I am there to capture. In all it’s glorious loved filled authenticity.

How do you approach documenting a wedding day?

From the moment I arrive until the moment I leave, I am documenting your day as it naturally unfolds.

I will not interrupt a moment, I will not make you fake anything. If it happens, I’ll be there to capture it.

If it doesn’t, we won’t be playing make believe.

The only time I will choreograph and purposely make myself visible, is during your formal portrait session.

Speaking of formal portraits, how do those work? And what if we don't want them?

For the formals, I always ask for a list of the specific groupings you wish to have taken.

I don’t offer a pre-made list of groupings, since every gathering of humans is unique.

Each wedding has it’s own mix of family dynamics and those vary from wedding to wedding.

I’m more than happy to help you and guide you when it comes to groupings!
Before your day, we will discuss your timeline and make sure you have enough time allotted for your formal portraits.
With that information we will nail down exactly who and what groupings you wish to have done, while also making sure we stay within your timeline and aren’t rushing you
(or making you miss cocktail hour!).

Once we have completed those, we'll step away and create some more relaxed, fun images of you both. If time permits and if you want that.

However if you would like to focus on enjoying your day and not pull family/friends away for posed photos, that is perfectly fine!
I'll focus on documenting, you focus on having fun!

You could always add-on a photo-booth in lieu of formal portraits, which is a great alternative to posed images.

Do you need to view our wedding location(s) prior to our wedding day?

In short, no. I can be placed down into any locations and/or situation and be able to acclimate quickly to my surroundings, and begin documenting.

I typically travel to weddings, and have learned how to adapt quickly in most every situation, from a last minute venue change, to unpredictable weather, to, well, pretty much anything Murphy's Law can cook up ;)

However, if it works out that I am near your venue when you do a site visit, we can certainly chat about scheduling a visit.

You could also think about using your location for your engagement session, again, if it is an easy location to get to (no travel time!)

Do you carry back-up equipment?

I always carry extra of everything: camera bodies, lenses, flashes, cards, cords, altoids, Advil.

Especially when traveling, I always bring along my back-up gear.

Along with my second shooter, who also carries back-up gear, nothing will interfere with the documentation of your day!

What happens in case of an emergency? Who will photograph our wedding?

It would take something a lot more serious than the sniffles to not be there to photograph your wedding.

I have and will again and again, photograph a wedding, even when under the weather.

However, if the 'something serious' happens, I have a large circle of dedicated like-minded professional photographers who I can call on.

They will uphold the contract that we have together, so no worries about extra fees or contract changes.

In my many years of documenting weddings, I have not once had to call anyone in for an emergency. While I hope that streak continues, in case of emergency, you will have like minded and an equal professional there to document your day.

Are others allowed to take photos during the day?

Of course they can! I'm a big fan of photography ;)

I do, however encourage guests to be guests and put their devices down and enjoy being in the now.

You've hired a professional with years of wedding know-how and experience, they can breathe easy, it's covered!

Plus, it’s so nice to be able to look back on the images of your day, especially the ceremony, and see, not your guest’s phones or tablets, but their beautiful joy-filled faces!

We are having a destination wedding, how do we handle that with you?

Travel fees apply if your wedding is being held outside of the Sacramento County, The Bay Area, and Napa Valley.
In short, I require overnight accommodations the evening of your event date, as well as any travel fees associated with getting to your location (plane, train, ferry).

Please contact the studio with details so we can create a custom quote for your wedding coverage!

How soon will we see our images?

You will first receive a link to a blog post showcasing a handful of favorites from your day. You can expect to see that about 5 days after your wedding day.

About two weeks after your wedding, you will receive a link to the first draft of you album design (if an album is included in your contract)

You will also receive the link and password to your online retail gallery, where you can order prints, add images to your favorites folder, and share with family and friends.

Throughout the whole process I will be sending you updates and what to expect next.

Of course, feel free to contact the studio anytime with questions.

How do the hi-resolution files work? Do we own the copyrights?

The files are all hi-resolution, which means you can print out any size images you wish.

On the usb or within the digital download, you will find information on online photo labs I recommend, as well as your printing license.

The image copyrights are retained by Stacey Doyle Photography studios.
What you will receive is a license which allows you to print your images anywhere, anytime.

Your license does not include permission to sell, modify, or enter images into any contests.

Any additional questions, please touch base!

What's the difference between making our own prints from our digital files vs having the images professionally printed through your studio?

The images on your usb or in your digital download are hi-resolution, that have been color corrected and are ready for print.

Images purchased through the studio are given that extra tlc before they are sent off to print.
That includes custom cropping & light retouching.

The images are printed on archival professional photographic papers.

What options do you offer?

We offer a few inclusive option that include up to 6-8 hours of coverage, a professional second shooter, an online password protected retail gallery, and your hi-resolution files delivered via digital download.

Some options include the choice of a custom wedding album or an engagement session, or both.

The inclusive options begin around 4200. and go up from there.

Custom options are available for those celebrating by eloping and requiring less tan 4 hours, as well as, weekday weddings (M-Th).

Since nothing is written in stone, please feel free to contact the studio for more details and receive your own custom quote

We love everything, what do we need to do to secure you to photograph our wedding?

Excellent news!
Here's what you do, give the studio a call or send us an email.

We will send over the booking contract as well as a link to pay your retainer online.

Once the studio has the signed completed contract and the paid retainer, your date will be secured.

So looking forward to working together!