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Interior and Real Estate Photography Sacramento and Northern California

Every house has a story to tell, each room has a tale or two. Whether you are a real estate agent telling the stories of the homes you are selling or an interior designer, showing off how you remade and refreshed an existing story.

I am there to help capture those stories and share them with the world.
We all know that nowadays, great imagery is important. You can't go on any social media account and not see images. And it's pretty darn loud out there too. Lots of info, lots to scroll through.

You want to have images that will stop someone in their tracks, that will shine through all that clutter and noise.

Your real estate listing will get more looks and interest if the images you share are eye catching and worthy of the home you are showcasing. You work hard to get people in to see the gems you have for sale. It's your job to get people into homes and spaces they will love, for years.

As an interior designer, your work is so important. You can make a room, a home, come alive!
You can turn the dullest into the brightest. You're a magician when it comes to colors, and tiles and fabric.
And the images of your hard work should show-off the results of your hard work.

My aim is to create images that viewers find approachable, inviting. Welcoming.
I want people to already envision themselves living in that space. I want them to be excited to having their own tired spaces, re-imagined and revived.

I am so looking forward to hearing about the projects that you would like documented,
Please feel free to contact the studio via phone at 916-282-9184 or email