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McFadden & Ingham LLP

Lindsay and Carrie got in touch with me because they needed images for their soon-to-open new law firm here in Sacramento, CA.

They wanted to create images that were professional, yet approachable. Polished, yet still relaxed.

We worked together to capture some business portraits of each, as well as images of them working together, so that when clients went to their website, they'd get a really great sense of who they would be working with.

Creating custom stock images, so to speak, because in their field, transparency and honesty is paramount.

Below is a little bit more about their law firm, in their own words:

"McFadden & Ingham, LLP is a women-owned firm offering personalized, innovative, and thoughtful investigations and training services. Our team understands what clients need most - effective expertise, commitment to a timely, thorough, impartial process, and the skills to provide valued results. Our dedication to this mission is paramount. We formed our firm with the common goal of providing client-centric services to help manage workplace and campus issues with integrity, transparency, empathy, and adaptability. Let us help be part of the resolution."