Amazing Jewelry by RIPBeauty

It always makes me sad when I open an eyeshadow pallet or a blusher and I’m met with shattered broken bits everywhere. And while I secretly (not so secretly) love…

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Personal Brand Photography

Personal Brand Photography is a term I've been hearing used quite a bit these days. And it's no surprise why: the likelihood is, you and your business are tied to…

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Favorites from 2018 and some news!

The past year had me meeting and greeting so many new faces, places, eateries and more!From documenting a handful of intimate weddings, to creating editorial images for local magazines, I…

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Dough Nuts for the Weekend!
Donuts by these fabulous bakeries: PVD Donuts, The Cafe at Easy Entertaining Knead Doughnuts, White Electric, DeLuise Bakery, Dave's Coffee,

Dough Nuts for the Weekend!

Get it? DOUGH-nuts?! Ok ok, corny, I know. However, you cannot deny that Providence has seen a rise in some delicious doughy goodness in recent times. I had the pleasure…

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