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Backyard Camping during Stay In Place

It’s been a year, hasn’t it? And it’s only June.
Here in CA, we were placed into a stay in place order in mid March.
While some parts of the state and certain businesses have started re-opening, we have decided to continue to be cautious and stay home as much as possible.

But being home ALL. THE. TIME. Does take its toll on ya.
Especially when you have a holiday weekend come up, like Memorial Day.
So, instead of pouting, we decided to pull our camping gear out and set-up in our own backyard!

The bf started a fire with some redwood remnants and some pine cones we had left over from our Christmas decor. They are amazing to use to help quickly start a fire!

We love our little Weber grill, it’s a perfect size to travel with. Super easy to store, too! Comes with a cute storage bag and everything!
Be sure you know your local town and city fire rules, for starting cooking fires on your property. And always have a live water hose or water source available in case of emergency!

We cooked some Beyond Meat Burgers and Field Roast Sausages, oh vegetarian food has come a loooong way. I remember in my 20s the options weren’t all that awesome. Nowadays, we much prefer the veggie options. So do our bodies 🙂

After the feast we let the fire chill for a bit, and we prepped to make s’mores! I mean, is it really a cook out if you don’t make s’mores? Or, at the very least, roast marshmallows?!
That’s seriously one of my favorite parts of cooking out!

This Coleman tent is perfect for those in your family who are over 6 feet tall. The bf was able to comfortably spread out in this baby, and that is not common. Most tents are a bit cramped, but even sitting up he felt like he had enough room to move. So, big score on this tent! It’s a 3 person tent, fyi.

I typically don’t show myself in the images, because I’m usually behind the camera. But the bf snagged a shot of me as I was roasting a marshmallow, and that’s good. Because I get to show off my Rhode Island “Knock It Off” t-shirt, from Frog & Toad. It was a gift from the always fabulous Patty of!

OMG git in my belly!! Most of our food items were from Trader Joe’s because, it’s the best. We also snagged some O organics items from Safeway.
Anyone know of any organic or healthier marshmallow options?

After stuffing our faces with all the s’mores, we cleaned up our food items and brought them inside (in case of bears! or more like the neighborhood cats and raccoons!)
Then we set up our laptop and watched a movie in the tent, under the stars. It was a very fun, relaxing camping ‘trip’: no stress travel, clean functioning bathrooms, and easy access to the inside in case we got scared of the dark!

Can’t beat those warm CA summer nights!
Especially when you have s’mores 😉

Give it a try yourselves! You don’t even need all the camping gear, or a backyard!

Use blankets, tarps or sheets for tents. Set up a movie viewing outside. Pile pillows up and relax under the stars.
You can use your own front yard, back deck, balcony, even your own living room can be converted into camp grounds. And, bonus, no bears!

Happy playing all! Stay safe, wash your hands, wear your masks, and be well!

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