Stacey Doyle Photography: Headshots Series Part 1

Stacey Doyle Photography: Headshots Series Part 1

Headshots, avatars, those little square (or circle) images of yourself that you share on your social media and business web pages.
Those tiny little images need to say a lot in a very short period of time, don’t they?

Your headshot needs to convey trust, and approachability.
It needs to say,
“Hey, I am a totally wonderful and welcoming professional human that you definitely want to hire/do business with/hang out with!”

So, how do you go about getting an image (or few) that says all that?

I’m here to share some tips with you to get the biggest bang for your headshot buck. Ready? Let’s go!

First off, ditch that selfie. I know, I know, sometimes you get a shot and you think it looks really great! And I’m not saying it doesn’t, but everyone can tell when you are using a selfie. The angle of the body, the way you tilt your head, the odd stretched out shoulder placement.
We can all tell.

And if you’re attempting to garner any trust in the business world you are involved in, selfies will not cut it.

A professional photographer will help you relax before and during your headshot session.
They’ll help to guide you and position you the proper way, in order to capture not only an inviting image of you, but one where you’re body isn’t contorted into a selfie pretzel!

When we work together, I will help to calm your nerves before you step in front of that lens.
You will not have any of that worry going through your head, like you do when you’re trying to get that one good selfie.
I’ll explain to you every step of the way what we are doing and why.

Put your phone down, take a deep breath, and trust the pro.

Secondly, backdrops are an important part of your headshot. Clean and simple, with out any distractions are key.
But not every headshot needs to be against a solid white backdrop.
For some, the white backdrop image is important, so we’ll totally make sure we get that for you during your session.

Yet, for other businesses and headshot needs, an outdoor backdrop might be key.
For acting headshots, when you are attempting to be a certain character, a particular looking backdrop will make that image more compelling and believable (which leads to being cast for that part!).
Looking to portray the tough guy or gritty drug dealer? A brick wall, or a backdrop with an urban feel is far better than a white backdrop.

Before your session, we will go over all the reasons you need the headshot and in what ways you’ll be using your headshots. Be it for business, acting, or dating apps, your backdrop does make a difference.

No matter what, simple and distraction-free is the way to go.

I’ll share more in my next post. Next time I’ll talk clothing, and the best types of clothing to wear during your session.

Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to touch base anytime! Email or DM me through Instagram!

Ready for your new headshots? Please touch base.
I am so looking forward to working with you!

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