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Stacey Doyle Photography: Sacramento Headshots

Hello beautiful people!
I’m here today to talk headshots. It may seem as if everyone needs a headshot these days, and that’s kinda sorta true.
I mean, if you have a business, run a business, are looking for a job through online venues like LinkedIn, or submitting applications to jobs or schooling, you need that eye-catching avatar.

sacramento headshot photography for actors and actresses

A selfie can work, sometimes. However if you are looking to put your best foot forward or attempting to snag any sort of modeling or acting jobs, you absolutely need a professional headshot.

A selfie will not work for this.

Why? Well, while phones these days have made extreme strides in the camera department, you’re still working with a lens that will distort your face.
That’s right, most of the lenses built into your phones aren’t meant to capture close-up portraits of face. They tend to distort your features, which is a bit off putting.

before and after headshots for professional makeup artists in sacramento and roseville ca

And when going for any sort of job, be it business, acting or modeling, and your face doesn’t quite match the photo you’ve supplied, that can easily be a make or break moment for you.

Casting directors aren’t fans of someone walking into an audition, and the face does not match the headshot at all.
Even in business, you want your headshot to represent you.
The current you (not you from 20 years ago!).

professional headshot photography for sacramento california

It’s also the element of trust. If someone sees a photo of you and expects to see someone resembling that image you presented, and a person 10 or 20 years older than or with features that are slightly off, walks in, that element of trust is dashed.

And a person may not be able to put their finger on WHY they decided not to hire you for that part, position or business venture, but I’m going to bet that that underlying feeling of uncertainty, of distrust, played a big part in their decision making.

acting headshots for sacramento and beyond

Your headshot should be a solid representation of who you are and what you are all about.
Depending on the type of business you are in, you should have a detailed plan going into your photo session of the type of looks you want to project.
Each type of career and business requires different types of approaches.

Catering your session: from lighting, to clothing, to backdrops for the specific business venture or roll you are looking to be cast in is super important.

headshots for professionals and businesses in the sacramento area

When working with me, we will go over the message you want to convey to your audience.

If showing an image of you surrounded by your artwork or baked goods is best for your brand, we will work to get that image for you.

If you are attempting to round out your acting headshot portfolio and looking to portray a tough guy or the always upbeat quirky next door neighbor, we’ll be sure to capture images that specifically show you in those rolls.

If you’re aiming for the roll of CEO, your images had better look and feel A LOT different than someone looking to get a position in their local theatre play.

on-location acting headshots in sacramento ca

I’ll be coming back in here soon to give more tips and tricks on headshots, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, if you are ready for your headshot session with me, touch base.
We’ll go over all the details and make the best plan for your session so you are sure to walkaway with the best representation of YOU.

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