Stacey Doyle Photography: Hello Friends!

Stacey Doyle Photography: Hello Friends!

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Well, it has been a bit, hasn’t it?

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Not that I haven’t had much to say. I do I do! But life gets in the way sometimes (and social media, and running businesses, and having a life) and before you know it, the blog has been abandoned.

But I am going to be fixing that, starting now!

How have you all been?!

Lemme tell you what I’ve been up to these past many months:
1. We moved our home base from Providence RI to Sacramento CA!
That’s right, living in the land of sunshine and warm air (except for the rainy season, but that doesn’t last too long!)

We are currently in East Sac and we are loving it! Such a bright and beautiful place, full of amazing people and businesses.
Loads of really good coffee, like, reeaaaallllyy good.

And the city is so gorgeous! Stunning murals and artwork splashed here there and everywhere make it such a colorful place to live and explore!

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2. We started a Thrift Store! Woot woot!
That is correct. We took our love of thrifting and hunting down treasures and turned it into a little store we love!

You can now shop our super fun collection of vintage and thrift finds over on our etsy store:

etsy thrift shop buttons for pigeons located in sacramento ca

Hit that link above to see our shop and browse around!

We offer loads of very cool, previously loved clothing in mens & womens & unisex, as well as some funky vintage jewelry. We’ll be adding shoes, bags and curiosities & oddities v soon!

Keep your eyeballs peeled for more!
You can follow along at our Instagram account:

3. In my quest to find my true path, and figure out what my honest WHY is, I needed to remove some things from my life. One of those things was alcohol.
‘Wait, what?! I thought you loved bubbly!??!”

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I do. I do. But the alcohol part, I haven’t been loving that part for a bit. So, I decided, it was time to say Goodbye.
It’s been 11 months since I drank an alcoholic beverage, and I’ve gotta say:

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I do not miss it. Not at all. Not even one little bit.
Pouring seltzer into a pretty glass, or drinking bubbly apple juice, feels the same. Without the wicked after affects (hangovers, lost time, loss of motivation, ugh).

No more cloudy days of feeling gross and behind, no more lack of energy and headaches, no more spending so much moola on “fun” nights out at the pub.

From now on, it’s AF AF (alcohol-free as f*ck) for me !!!

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And that wraps up my update!
If you are in the Sac area and in need of new photos, please feel free to touch base!
I am taking on new work: headshots, family sessions, small businesses, personal branding. Touch base via the contact form in my website, or DM in Instagram or email

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