Food at Home: Tomato Galette

Food at Home: Tomato Galette

It’s always fun to take the side roads, especially when you’re learning a new neighborhood.
East Sacramento, to be exact. 

A couple months ago, I did this very thing, and came upon a neighbor giving away free seedlings.
Tomatoes and peppers.

Short story and recipe link below.

The free tomato plants we got from that neighbor are producing. A lot.
Like a lot, a lot.

So I made them into this:

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Longer story with photos:

So that neighbor who gave out the free seedling plants (is that redundant??),
he said it was the one good deed he did for the year.

While something about the hint of a smile in his voice said otherwise, I gratefully scooped up a number of plants and went on my merry way.

They were super wee when we put them into the ground. But, with all that amazing California sunshine and warm air, they are almost 8 feet tall!

And the produce these plants are producing are gorgeous. And plentiful!

With this surplus of tomatoes, I decided I had to make some things.
I’ve added them to salads, and pizza, but I wanted to make some dishes that really let the tomatoes stand center stage.

I went to Pinterest (which is where I go for 99% of my recipes)
and found one for a Tomato Galette:

Never having heard of it before, I read the recipe and it fell under my personal guidelines:
seemed super easy, didn’t take too much time, and it’ll make for some pretty photos!
I started by slicing my tomatoes, salting them, and letting them rest on a cooling rack on my counter. 

Disclaimer: I did not make my own dough. I didn’t have the time. 
I’d love to attempt it in the future, since it’s something I haven’t ever done before.
So, for this recipe, I snagged ready made dough from the local grocery store. 

I also swear I owned a rolling pin, but I guess I not, because I couldn’t find it.
Maybe the moving gremlins got it, they seem to have our can opener and fly swatter too.

I decided to use a larger olive oil bottle (Thanks Whole Foods!).
I think a bottle is probably a great idea if you’re an experience dough roller. 

For me, well, I think I’m going to need to practice a wee bit more ๐Ÿ˜‰
Which is fine, because dough means bread and bread is love. 

I did add some parm and pepper as I rolled to add flavor to the dough

After rolling, I added the layers of feta cheese, onions, and those beautiful juicy tomatoes!

I brushed on the egg wash, and then popped this bad boy in the oven

I know I didn’t roll the dough out properly because it was super puffy and thick.
That just means I get to try again (and again and again). 
It’s bread, so I’m okay with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s the finished galette, which may not be perfect, but dang diggity was it tasty!

I am glad I tried something I have never tried before, and I am looking forward to making this dish again. 
After I practice my dough rolling skills some more. 

Happy cooking and Bon Appรฉtit!