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Amazing Jewelry by RIPBeauty

It always makes me sad when I open an eyeshadow pallet or a blusher and I’m met with shattered broken bits everywhere.

And while I secretly (not so secretly) love the look of crushed up makeup, unless I painstakingly smoosh the shards back into some semblance of usability, I toss it.

Enter @ripbeauty10 who gives makeup meant for the waste bin a new life! 

She sets the sparkly colorful powders into resin and then molds them to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Seriously, the cuff I photographed is out of this world beautiful.
And so comfy to wear.

I’m eyeing the hair pins and earrings next because 🤩😍 girls gotta treat herself!

Check out @ripbeauty10’s insta feed or Etsy shop for all of her ingeniously creative jewels! 

If you’re in the #RhodeIsland area you can see and purchase these pieces in person at One Studio Smooch.